Ukulele Shadow and Music Box - $500 to Maui Strong Fund

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This is a handmade Hawaiian themed shadow box that comes with LED lights as well as audio effects. The song, Melody of Old Time Waltzes, plays for 1 minute and 34 seconds. Ukulele player was hand-sculpted using polymer clay. Background was digitally painted and texture was added onto the paper to create ocean waves. The cable is USB-powered and measures 56 inches. Dimensions of entire piece is 23"x 8"x 3." Ukulele comes with a leather strap as well as a well-earned history of blemishes from its vintage nature.

Shipping costs and sales tax included (with the exception of California, which will be charged sales tax).

$500 of the proceeds will go to help support the relief efforts in Maui through Maui Strong Fund. A receipt of donation will be provided. Thanks for shopping and for your support!