I really want a tattoo of my sister / dog / barber / ect.. Are you available for custom designs? 
- Thank you so much for asking, however I can not manage personal commissions at this time. 
I want to get one of your prints tattooed on me, but I wanted to get your permission first... Do you mind?
- That's so cool you want to get my work tattooed on you! I am honored thank you! Keeping with the tradition of Tattoo Flash, all I ask is that you please purchase a print from my shop, so I can keep making art. (and please send me a picture when your new tattoo is done so I can see it!)
Do you do wholesale?
-Yes I do on a very select bases! Feel free to contact me, and we can talk about it! 
Do you license out your work?
-No, I am not interesting in any licensing deals at this time. If you happen to come across my work somewhere out there, chances are it is probably stolen :(
How do I keep my prints looking great? 
-Protect your prints from UV rays and air pollutants by framing them. This will keep your prints from getting damaged and extend the longevity of your prints.

Do you print all of these yourself??
-YUP! Prints are printed and cut by Me, and have a white border. This border can vary for each image. Size of prints may describe the approximate dimensions rather than exact. Color, contrast, and saturation may also vary from computer screen to actual print.
How can I pay?
There are various payment options: Paypal or credit card. 

Cancellations and changes in your order should be done as soon as possible before shipping is processed. After shipping has been processed, cancellations and changes are no longer available.
I need a refund or exchange....?
If you are not happy with your purchase, exchanges or and exchange for store credit are given 30 days of your order date. Please return item(s) in the original condition. Buyer will be responsible for return shipping costs. In the case of an error on the shop's part, return shipping will be paid for by Parlor Tattoo Prints.
Damaged items shall be replaced. Pictures may be requested.