Kewpie Pennywise Art Toy Sculpture

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**Due to shortages from covid, wood base may different from pictured***

Each sculpture is handmade from start to finish by the artist, so every one is unique in it's own way. Every sculpture will be signed, dated, and numbered on the bottom of the base. Base mount will be circular, not square as pictured. *Piece does not come with glass dome display.

Dimensions of entire piece on the base is approximately 7 inches high x 4 inches wide.

Please allow 2-6 weeks to complete.

Limited edition of 20. Item will ship fully insured.

Will consider payment system. Please contact for info.

Handmade process:

Original sculpture was created using Sculpey polymer clay, which was then baked to use for moldmaking. After a mold was made, resin is poured into the mold to create casts of the original sculpture. Casts are solid with a good weight and rock hard. Each is then sanded, painted, mounted, signed, dated, and numbered. This is a true labor of love.

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